Last month I assisted for Carla Ten Eyck at Alicia and Jack’s wedding in Hartford. They were so much fun and up for anything. After their first look Carla took us to the Carousel in downtown Hartford. The colors were amazing and matched their wedding, personalities and styles to a T!

The bridal party were such great sports that day to ride the carousel!

After a few rides on the carousel and walking up the ninety six steps to the top of the Soldiers and Sailors Arch in Hartford Carla had Jack spin Alicia! I thought we might see her breakfast but she held it down.

Alicia taking a break after the carousel ride, spinning and up and down the arch (in heals!). All this and she hadn’t even walked down the aisle yet!

The cutest little flower girl watching over the balcony as she waits for the ceremony to start. So CUTE!

Alicia taking a breather before walking down the aisle.

Congratulations Alicia and Jack! I had a GREAT time at your wedding and I wish you both all the best.