You might remember the hurricane that was headed right for Connecticut in early September. The day the hurricane was scheduled to hit just happened to be Emily and Pat’s wedding day! I was along for this adventure assisting Carla Ten Eyck. Make sure you check out her blog for some more gorgeous images of the day.

As you can probably imagine, I wasn’t too thrilled about shooting in the middle of a hurricane. I packed extra clothes and gear in case I got completely soaked. (You never know what you might need when you shoot a wedding.) On our way there, Carla and I were very excited for this new challenge that awaited us. We had never been to Saltwater Farm Vineyard before and we had no idea what to expect from the weather. As it turned out, the hurricane did bring along a LOT of rain. But we managed to stay dry and it was a beautiful day despite the weather. Here are some of my images from Emily & Pat’s wedding:

After the ceremony Carla, Mike and Jim snuggled on the porch out of the rain while I covered the cocktail hour!