Kelly and Chad got married on a rainy overcast June afternoon at Elizabeth Park. I had no idea what to expect when I got to where Kelly was getting ready other than a few things she had mentioned to me in our meeting. Kelly did not want a typical wedding dress and felt a white dress just didn’t seem right. She found the perfect dress that came all the way from England, hoop skirt and all!

We headed out to Elizabeth Park for the ceremony.

Chad and his guys looked great with their hats on and they each had a great pocket watch that was a gift from Kelly and Chad!

I love this shot Jared got of Kelly so excited to walk down the rose garden path to meet Chad.

I just loved the rich color in her flowers, so different and beautiful.

We stopped at a cemetery near by for some quick pictures.

Even the cake topper fit the theme of the day!

Kelly and Chad, thanks so much for having us at your wedding! Congratulations to you both!