Meghan and Scott got married on one of the hottest Saturday’s in July! I headed out to get some getting ready pictures at her parents house while Jared covered the guys getting ready. Here are my favorites from the day!

Meghan’s jewelry belonged to her grandmother and it was just beautiful!

Jared got these great photos of the guys.

I love the expression on her mother’s face as she’s seeing her look in the mirror.

Meghan’s mom was showing me an old family photo that she loved and how special it was to her.

I love these next few shots Jared got. Its great when you can shoot from behind the alter in the super sneaky spot at the church.

Another great shot by Jared of Scott’s parents.

Meghan had some really cute details!

Great idea for place cards!

Meghan’s sister was working on her speech before the reception started. I just love that you can see her notes scribbled on the paper.

Congratulations Meghan and Scott! Thanks so much for having us at your wedding! We had such a great time!