I know I say it a lot but this was seriously one of my top all-time favorite weddings. Once again, I was with the amazingly talented Carla Ten Eyck assisting for the day. Make sure you check out her images from the day as well.

Carla and I headed out to Lord Thompson Manor bright and early that morning. We stopped at the cottage house were the girls were getting ready. It was just gorgeous, clean crisp and white everywhere. I loved it!

Jennifer’s dress was from White Dress by the Shore and it was just gorgeous!

Not to be outdone by her awesome Jimmy Choo shoes!

Every last detail was just gorgeous! I could have photographed this wedding for an entire week!

I was up on the second floor balcony for the ceremony. I had to crawl through a window to get up here but it was worth it!

At Lord Thompson Manor they have a tradition of getting a big group picture of everyone at the wedding. Right after the toasts everyone huddled together for this picture. How fun!

Some of my favorite donuts in the entire world from Tastease. Delicious!

They finished the day with an after party that included a hot dog cart! How cool is that?

Jennifer and Stein, thank you so much! I had an amazing time at your wedding!